Monday, July 7, 2008

Gas is Going Up, So Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Prices Should Come Down?

With the price of gas rising to some all time highs, more and more restaurants are looking to cut back on spending. Understandably. We try to run a very tight ship here at HotShot Hood & Duct Services also. Not only are gas prices rising, but all the tools and chemicals that kitchen exhaust cleaners use are going through the roof as well.

What is strange is I am seeing more and more bids from other companies that are lower than they have ever been. It's a little scary really. As a business owner, I know that it is not feasible to a "good" job, much less get the duct and fan to bare metal as NFPA requires without charging accordingly.

If you are paying $80 to have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned, I would be VERY aware of what is really being cleaned. Pull a filter out of the hood and shine a flashlight up the duct. Do you see bare naked metal? If not, you are at risk of a fire spreading through your ductwork and destroying your restaurant. Next time you are on the roof, turn the fan off and shine a flashlight down the duct. How does it look?

If you are not comfortable with this, call to get a second opinion from a professional. If you are in Southern California call HotShot Hood and Duct Services (866) 491-6786 we'll take a look at it for you and give digital pictures to show what your system looks like. It won't cost you anything just to have us look...for now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This mistake could cost Restaurant owners MILLIONS

Forget the cost of food, payroll, equipment, and electricity, this vendor could cost you millions in a matter of minutes.

This is a wonderful article by the legendary Phil Ackland, he sits on the committee of NFPA 96.

Click Here for short article

Monday, April 14, 2008

Restaurant Cleaning Service: Hood and Vent Pressure Washing in Southern California

Here is a new video we put together to show restaurant owners of this establishment what their hood and duct system is suppose to look like after it has been cleaned. They had only been paying 1/3 of the price that I charged to have it cleaned correctly, from the video, you can see why.

Needless to say, they only complain about the price BEFORE the work is done. But once they see what was left in their system by the former "cleaner" they get pissed off and feel cheated by that company.

At HotShot Hood and Duct Services, we're glad we're there to help prevent this fire that could have destroyed their restaurant and livelihood.

Anyway, on to the good stuff....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Is It Getting Too Hot In Your Kitchen?

With summer fast approaching my buddy in the air conditioning business gets lots of calls from restaurants complaining about the heat in their kitchens. Most of the time it's due to a dirty kitchen exhaust system not working at full capacity because of the grease buildup inside the ductwork and on the fan.

Another reason could be due to the grease filters that have been up there since WWII. It may be time to replace them or at least have them cleaned. The investment needed to replace them is far less than the money that will be thrown out the window due to high energy bills.

Have your system inspected by a certified professional and save some money this summer. Your cooks will thank you and you may even get a little more production from them....well, one can wish right?

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