Monday, December 14, 2009

Dumping Your Waste Water Out Back Is Against The Clean Water Act

For those hood cleaners that dump their water out back of the restaurants. You better be really careful now. I was taught at the hood cleaning school I attended to dump my water out back and it was ok as long as it didn't make it to a river or stream close by. I learned better ways over the years, but for those of you still doing this, STOP! The gov't is really cracking down on it. - Not So Private Property?: Clean Water Restoration Act Raises Fears of Land Grab

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Alexi Davenport said...
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Alexi Davenport said...

I'm really glad you warned about dumping the water safely because I think there are many companies all over the state that don't know that it's illegal. In what way is the government cracking down more? Are there stricter penalties for people who violate this law? It'll be interesting to see what other measures they take to make sure the clean water act is effective.
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